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Effective IT teams are key to success

Creating internal qualified IT teams is a long and difficult journey. Not every company has the abilities or resources to hire and retain the best IT talents.

If you want to complete a project successfully on time in a cost-effective style and without much difficulties, the Team as a service model is an advantageous choice for long-term cooperation. The main purpose of this model is to hire team that will compensate for the lack of necessary expertise and will seamlessly work as your own.

To achieve the client's objectives, we dedicate a team of highly qualified specialists who meet the requirements of the project and allows us to accomplish the planned amount of work. The client determines the team’s workload and has complete control over its activities.

Benefits of Team as a Service

Cost-effective partnership

Hiring a dedicated team for a project is usually much cheaper than recruiting in-house specialists, especially if the team is located in a different country where development costs are lower.
It's a great chance to reduce HR costs and cut expenses for the search and recruiting new employees.
There are additional savings on workplaces, office expenses, trainings and other overheads.

Quick and easy integration

A minimum time gap between decision to set up a project and actual start of work.
You get a highly qualified team that is immediately ready to work.
If it is necessary, you can quickly supplement or change the Team composition.

Production efficiency

We combine highly skilled and well-educated specialists and cutting-edge technologies.
The professionals in our teams have worked together for many years.
This enables us to deliver innovative projects of high technological complexity, while guaranteeing quality and alignment with your company’s objectives.

Comfortable interaction mode

The customer interacts with the team as his own, using familiar tools. Our adaptable and high-performance IT services allow you to retain quality control and gain flexibility throughout the project.

Team as a Service works effectively in both new and ongoing projects. The customer selects the necessary team and begins to interact with it. From this moment on, he has at his disposal a close-knit, flexible team with the necessary competencies in the selected stack of project technologies.


Command structure


The main unit. Usually a team consists of 2-5 developers, depending on the projects and technologies used.

Tester / QA

They find errors in the program code and are responsible for the quality of the product. Typically, a team of 3 developers has one tester.


Analyst works with the business requirements and prepares technical documentation for developers. Usually a team has 1 analyst.

DevOps Engineer

Combines the skills of a system administrator and developer. DevOps Engineer is responsible for managing the release of software products and handling the IT infrastructure.

Project manager

The project manager leads a team and ensures that continuous and frictionless communication is maintained with the client. He usually manages several teams, which makes the solution cheaper for the client.

Stages of Interaction

1 2 3 4 5 6

Stage 1

Both customer and managers of Effective Technologies, discuss details of the project, clarify the team composition.

Stage 2

We sign a contract. The minimum contract period is 6 months.

Stage 3

We appoint the team that best matches your needs. We provide you with a customer-centered scalable service model, through our development centers.

Stage 4

We customize the interaction of the team with the customer. Usually we use a task management system - Jira. WE can use other systems accepted by the Customer.

Stage 5

The team starts work! The results of the team’s work are presented weekly, plans are adjusted.

Stage 6

A full report on the work of the teams is issued monthly.


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Project manager

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About us

Effective Technologies is a full-cycle software company with over 20 years of experience. We develop highload e-commerce and e-procurement solutions, electronic trading platforms, information and analytics systems for corporations, government agencies, medium enterprises in different business areas. We create business software and systems on cutting-edge WEB-technologies, including using our own BPM-platform.

There are more than 200 highly qualified and well-educated full-time specialists in our staff. We continuously train our specialists fostering their professional growth and building one of the strongest teams in the industry. Our company is one of the best employers in the region. Our offices are located in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

In addition to the TAAS model, we can also conclude an outsourcing agreement. You can order software development with a fixed cost, with our responsibility for the quality of the product and adherence to the development deadlines.

Our clients

Ford Sollers Karcher Moet Hennessy Gazprom Dzinga En+ group Nornickel Rosatom


Agile methodology

Application of flexible (Agile) development methodologies with delivery of predictable results to the customer at each iteration (SCRUM, Kanban).


Application of Continuous Integration practices in projects allows automated publication of releases at any time, together with automated testing.

Prototyping and Modeling

Application of dynamic prototyping of interfaces and modern business process modeling notations.


Application of service-oriented architecture (SOA) in the development of information systems.

Our own solutions

Use of our own solutions library reduces the effort required to implement standard components.

UX/UI design

Use of an integrated approach to create a simple and comfortable user interaction with the interface.

Technology map


Angular, React, TypeScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaFx


PHP (ZEND 1-2-3, YII 1-2, Symfony), .NET (C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core), Go, Node.js, Java


PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle Db, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop


Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible


CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, SUSE, Windows Server


Nginx, PHP-FPM, IIS, Apache


Sphinx, Elasticsearch


XCache, Memcached


RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ

Version control system

Git, SVN


Axure RP, Figma

Collaboration tools

Jira, Confluence, Redmine, Slack


What is a team in the understanding of Team as a Service?

The team consists of several specialists, provided by our company - developers, testers, analysts, DevOps and a project manager. They are united to solve the problems of the client. The client works with this team, as with his own. The team is involved in specific software development and may be perceived as enlargement of the IT department of the client.
The team is flexible - it can be re-configured at any time according to the current requirements and needs of the project.

How does the team interact with the client?

IT teams use time tracking and task management solutions like Jira and Redmine that the client has access too. This helps team members and client to be on the same page and gives the client an opportunity to check on the progress themselves. Regular communication via messengers such as Slack and Telegram and reports that you will receive will also contribute to transparent management. Video conferencing tools are used to maintain live contact.

What software development methodologies are used in Team as a Service?

When using the Team as a Service model, you are not limited in your choice of software development methodology. From experience, we can say that Agile methodology (Scrum or Kanban) is well applicable. But in some projects it is more correct to work on the classic Waterfall methodology.

Why is a DevOps in a Team?

It is very important to write quality code for the program. Only this is not enough. It is also necessary for this code to start working. For this, DevOps specialists serve, who administer the equipment, configure the servers and possess the necessary knowledge in terms of software.

Why is a Project manager in a Team?

A skilled project manager can achieve a highly-efficient workflow. Employees in a team report directly to the project manager. He plans work, distributes tasks within the team, controls the timing and quality of their execution and motivates all members of the team for efficient work. Usually one manager works with several teams, which reduces the total cost of the service for the client.

Why is an Analyst in a Team?

Analyst - translator from business language to technical developer language, and back. He creates detailed requirements and product documentation. It's also necessary for the fast onboarding of new team members. It helps to refine visibility and clearness on progress.

Have a project? We're happy to help you with any questions, wishes or suggestions.